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Window Tinting Service


Building or homeowners are always worried about their properties’ interior or exterior and family protection and privacy, get your Window Tinting Service. Like intruders, thieves, burglars, sunlight is also causing significant damage to us. Yes, it is the fact that the sun produces harmful rays that cause skin cancer, skin burn, and other damages to humans. People install many security devices and adopt several safety precautions to protect the property and family. However, the question is how homeowners can protect the interior of their house and family from solar light? Don’t worry; most of us know its answer. Yes, you think right house window tinting can give a solid shield against it. The film is a laminate sheet applied to the interior and exterior of the glass. It may be a glass of house or office casements, doors, bathroom shower enclosers, or glass of cars. It can be installed anywhere from automobiles to residential and commercial glass doors, casements, and other glass partitions. Here we would like to mention some advantages of window tint film:

  • Block 90% UV rays
  • Reduce the cost of energy bills
  • Decrease glare
  • Save the expense of purchasing blinds and curtains again and again

Are you looking for this and searching best window tinting service providers? Fortunately, you are at the right place! Place your order right now and hire professional installers from us!

Car Window Tinting Near Me

Car lovers never compromise on anything regarding their automobile repair, maintenance, and protection. They always wanted everything best for them. Undoubtedly, cars or other vehicles are the second most significant investment of any person. That is why, when it comes to getting any repair they will never take a chance on the quality of the product and the installer. They will always look for experienced workers and quality products. If you are one of them and searching online about “window tinting near me,” then stop right here because you found a reputable firm. Performance Auto Group delivers quality services in this city. We have decades of experience in this business and factory-trained techs to handle all types of vehicles. Professional installers then install them on the autos to make them more attractive than before. People who love to change the look of their cars can contact us right now. We ensure that our clients will find a variety of sheets in different shades, grades, designs, and thicknesses.

Cost of Window Films

We mentioned earlier that these sheets are available in several colors, grades, and thicknesses. Consequently, the prices vary according to these features. Clients can get anything they need from this firm, from low to high-level tints. Usually, they are available in square feet. Regular films are available for $6-$9per square foot, but if you want to buy a luxury 3M window tint, it will cost you $10-$14$ per square foot. The rates will decrease or increase according to the requirement of a client. The more features someone wants to add, the more price is increased. But don’t worry, we will ensure that our rates will never burden your pocket. To get more information about this company and its services, dial the mentioned number right now. A customer representative will guide and educate every client appropriately. Ask any question that will come into the mind, he will answer it in the best way.

Get Security and Privacy Films for Offices

Office is where we keep confidential information or documents or arrange confidential meetings. It is essential to take on extra precautions for it. To fulfill this purpose, business owners apply tints to their office room, employee cabins, or the whole building. Anyone who wants to get a high security and privacy feature by applying a laminate sheet can rely on us. Because we have a wide range of privacy films that prevent unwanted eyes see inside the office or any room. Nowadays, people install it in their vehicles to get the same advantage. This sheet not only gives us privacy and security but also protects us from solar heat, infrared rays, and glass shattering. Instead of typing “tint near me,” select our experts and providers to get all these advantages by applying our product. Moreover, we are providing 35 window tint for auto owners who love to add more privacy to their cars.

Blackout Window Film

People who want complete darkness in their room or car while sleeping in a room or driving a car can go for this film. It is easy to install.

No special tools or equipment requires for it. It helps you to sleep better and quicker. Homeowners who want to get rid of purchasing blinds, drapes, and curtains, again and again, can rely on it. Blackout sheets also reduce the cost of energy bills by blocking or eliminating extra heat during the summer season and cold in winters. It is the best and most affordable option for those who are looking for residential window tinting.

Reflective Window Film

It offers you all the mentioned benefits but does not block natural light completely.

People can enjoy the natural view without worrying about UV rays. It works like a shield against heat, glare, and dangerous rays.

Decorative Laminate Sheets

Here is good news for our clients they can get several types of decorative laminate sheets from the online shop of Performance Auto Group. Experienced and skilled workers can apply them anywhere a client wants. Now one can decorate their bathroom glass shower enclosers, living room glass partitions, casement with these decorative sheets. They are available in mesmerizing colors, patterns, and embedded designs.

A client can also customize this sheet according to his taste and budget. Many designs, shapes, and colors are available at our online shop. Don’t waste your precious time and immediately contact us.

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