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About Us

Performance Auto Group has been in business for 18 years.

Performance Auto Group provide attention to detail and take the time to give you and your vehicle the best possible care. After all, everyone’s car is special to them and we aim to please even the most discerning. Our customers searched to find the very best for their money and service acquired.

Our history began in 2004 working out of a Nissan and rapidly growing to be the best and most respected in the area.

By delivering the best services with professional and high quality installation at a competitive price, we are pleased to have been chosen and trusted to protect and accessories thousands of vehicles as well as securing many homes and businesses with our window films.

Ever since our beginning, our highest goal is to surprise our customers by exceeding even the most demanding standards of excellence. Please give us a call and from there, we will do what ever it takes to earn your business. Our pledge is to not let you down and to add you to our long list of satisfied clients and friends.

We service the Tampa Bay area.


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