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HID Lights in Tampa, FL

If anyone wants to upgrade vehicles from inside out and looking for the best hid headlights for them. This is the right place to stay. Performance Auto Group specialists provide top-quality hid lights to make your land cruises more compelling. HID stands for high-intensity discharge headlights. They have gained popularity among people for more than 20 years. This technology was introduced in 1991 for specific models of automobiles. However, now it can be installed in all types of autos. Due to the availability of these bulbs for every model, the prices have come down over time. This technology produces high-density brightness, so it is also used for street or stadium luminosity. In a typical bulb, there are two electrodes made of tungsten. Even the entire structure, these electrodes are enclosed in a glass shell that contains metal slats and gas. It is interesting to know that this technology uses metal salts with xenon gas, which is why it is also known as hid xenon light. This gas helps the bulb brighten up fast because only xenon can do this rather than other gases. Is anybody wants to add more luminosity while driving? Select us to get HID lights in Tampa, FL.

What Are HID lights?

These bulbs are not like other common bulbs. It uses a special halide metal slat with xenon gas rather than halogen.

It has more power and radiance. A halogen bulb can produce radiance with 1400 lumens. On the other hand, HID produces 3000 lumens. It shows that hid light bulb is over twice powerful as the factory default. Xenon and xentec hid lights work by making a current pass between two electrodes sealed inside the bulb that is filled with this gas.

Importance of These Lights

Here are several pros of using hid headlights bulbs to show you how important they are for vehicles, especially for trucks or other heavy-duty motors. Let us jump into it:

Improve Efficiency

We mentioned earlier that these bulbs are over twice powerful as other common bulbs. It shows that they improve efficiency. They make our road journeys safer by brightening up the way. When a person is driving at night, the most important thing is light that helps brighten the way and prevent road accidents. Drivers can see everything clearly, rocks, bumps, trees, other vehicles, and everything that comes in the way.


Hid xenon headlights are more durable than halogen or LED. But only experts can install it skillfully. Do not try to install them on your own or do not ask for help from a novice. Always choose experienced and reputable firm specialists for this job. Performance Auto Group center provides Xenon and best led bulbs for projector headlights. Contact us right now to get our unique products and experts’ services.

Enhance Visibility

Due to their high power, they enhance visibility. People can see everything clearly where these bulbs are installed. From places to machines hid, xenon pro led headlights are best to select to get outstanding advantages.

Add Curb Appeal

It adds curb appeal to heavy-duty trucks, luxurious cars, or other vehicles. It is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your ride. It is an affordable upgrade; you won’t be spending too much money and time.

Reduce Energy Consumption

They use minimal energy. Hid xenon headlights have low running consumption, and the only time they need a lot of energy is when we start them up. Because the gas will help to light them in just 10 seconds. After this, they consume less power. So, you can save a lot by using this technology.

Improve Value

It also improves the value of your automobile because of every factor or element of a car matters. Lights play a vital role in improving vehicles’ value. Whether you want to sell your car or upgrade it, this option is best to select to get the desired results. These bulbs are also used for huge projectors in street poles and stadiums to get more benefits. Is anyone want to purchase good quality hid projector headlights from us? Call us right now. We are waiting to suggest the best options to our clients for their cars or other places where they want to install light bulbs. Dial the mentioned number right now and see what we have for you!

Longer Life

These bulbs work more than 3000 hours of operation. In some cases, this technology last as the vehicle itself. It has a greater capacity and power of running than common halogen bulbs. You do not have to change those xenon filaments frequently. They work at least 100,000 miles. However, you must remember that these lights lose some brightness with time. According to a rough estimate, it may lose up to 20%-25% of brightness after using for around 2000hours. It is not a bad idea to install them in your cars.

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Installers

We have trained and experienced installers that will make your vehicle more compelling than before. They know what type of headlights are best for different automobiles. They will suggest the best options to each client and do the job right.

Maintenance Services

We are also providing car headlights and stereo system maintenance and installation services. These assistances will help you to avoid high expenditures. Because all products and electronic hardware we provide at affordable rates with guaranteed top quality. We ensure that our products work longer than clients’ expectations. People can hire us to get the best and most advanced auto stereo sound system. We provide everything here in Tampa, FL from coaxial to crossover network speakers, subwoofers, DVDs, screens, mp3 player connectors, and head units.


Do not be afraid of our xenon lights prices or the rates of other HID lights Tampa. We will never put a burden on customers’ pockets. Ring us a bell, and we will give you a free cost estimate against the service you want. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for our consumers’ assistance.

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